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Why Stoner Law?

Criminal Defense & Injury Attorney Serving West Helena, AR and Communities Statewide

If you have been arrested for or accused of a crime, your future is on the line. Likewise, if you have suffered a serious accident caused by someone else’s negligence, you may be dealing with severe, life-altering consequences. You may wonder what you can do to counteract your charges, what steps can be taken to protect your freedom, and what legal options you have to pursue a fair recovery. This is where our criminal defense and personal injury lawyer comes in. You have the right to legal counsel, and exercising this right is most likely the only thing that will stand between you and an uncertain future.

Stoner Law is a West Helena criminal defense and personal injury law firm that is committed to serving people in the community who have found themselves on the wrong side of the law or are dealing with the consequences of someone else’s negligence. We have seen just how skewed the legal system can be, in favor of alleged victims, prosecuting attorneys, and insurance companies at the expense of your rights. We are committed to exercising our clients’ constitutional rights to secure acquittals or even outright dismissals of the charges against them, and we make it our mission to fight for the fair recovery of injured victims throughout the area.

Some of our practice areas include:

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Our founding attorney, Kyle Stoner, is passionate about protecting the rights of the people in his community. He applies his skill and experience as a criminal defense and personal injury lawyer to the fullest extent in every case he handles, securing positive results in even the most seemingly helpless matters.

One such case involved a felony rape charge, where the defendant had been in jail for over a year. Mr. Stoner was the third attorney hired to handle the case. After getting his client’s bond reduced so he could get out of jail, Mr. Stoner conducted a thorough investigation. His investigation yielded evidence that truly supported his innocence, and Mr. Stoner set forth to obtain a pre-trial hearing. He won most of his motions at the hearing, and two weeks later all charges in the case were dropped.

At Stoner Law, we are not money-driven. We are results-driven. We truly care about our clients and the problems they are facing, and we do whatever we can to help.

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